Getting started as Workspace

Everything you need to know to get your workspaces listed on Affic.

What is Affic?

Affic is an API and platform that enables workspaces to directly connect to a new generation of booking platforms. We're on a mission to enable workspaces to easily manage their distribution.

What can I do with Affic?

By using Affic, you can easily share your real-time availability, rates, and content with all the booking platforms you work with. The days of manually updating your content on different platforms, manually approving bookings requests and copy/pasting reservations into your reservation system/PMS are finally over.

What are Affic’s Terms and Conditions?

You can view Affic's Terms and Conditions here.

When I edit or delete data in Affic, will it edit or delete in my PMS?

No. Consider your PMS the source of truth, and Affic a layer on top where you can update the data coming out of your PMS, ready to be shared with the booking platforms you connect to.

When I edit or delete data in my PMS, will it edit or delete in Affic?

Yes. When you edit data in your PMS, this will accordingly change in Affic.

When I edit or delete data in my PMS, will it edit or delete on my connected platforms?

No. Any change to your data, either coming directly from your PMS or that you've made in Affic will need to actively be "published" before this gets synced to your connected platforms.

How do I connect to platforms?

Once your workspaces are live on Affic, you’ll be visible on our marketplace for platforms. Any platform can now request a connection to you. You’ll receive an email notifying you when a platform has requested to work with you. You’ll be able to review and respond to the connection request on the Partnership page, under the New requests tab.

How do I know the commercial terms of a partnership?

We recommend that before you accept a partnership request, you already have a commercial agreement in place with the specific platform. 

We’re continuously working on new features and commercial agreements like commission rates, payment terms and terms and conditions are part of our roadmap. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date about these new features

What happens after I’ve accepted a connection request?

First of all: that's great news! You can now start selling your workspaces on this platform, while managing your distribution efficiently from your Affic account.

After you’ve accepted a connection request from a platform, a connection will be established between Affic and the platform. For the locations and workspaces that are subject to your partnership, the platform will be able to:
- View your availability
- Create, edit, and cancel bookings
- Access and publish your location and workspace content (names, descriptions, photos, amenities, services, rates)

Can I reach out to a new platform?

Not yet. If there is a specific platform you’d love to partner with, but that’s not yet live on Affic, feel free to get in touch with us, so we can reach out to them.We’re continuously working on new features and being able to reach out to platforms directly is part of our roadmap. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date about these new features.