Real-time workspace inventory

Affic helps you connect to flexible workspace inventory and enables you to offer instant booking to increase your bookings.

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They work with us

Access their real-time workspace inventory with ease with the Affic API

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Providing your users with instant booking of workspaces is critical. With the easy Affic integration, you can enable this for any workspace.

Real-time availability of rooms and desks
Instant bookings
Increase your conversion
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Connect to a single API

A single integration is all you need. No need to integrate and connect with tens of PMS or work with unstable calendar syncs. A single API handles availability, inventory and soon rates, content, and more.

A single API to integrate
Great developer experience
Dedicated engineering team to support you

The easiest way to grow your supply

Easy interfaces to connect to and retrieve real-time availability from your existing and new workspace partners.

Enable existing workspaces partners map their inventory
Discover new workspace partners
Bring new inventory live instantly
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How can I add workspace inventory to my platform?

In Affic, you can easily discover new workspace partners. The Affic interface allows you to request a connection to a new workspace partner in few easy steps. Once the workspace accepts your request, their availability and inventory will be accessible to you.

What does "connecting" mean?

When you agree on a partnership with a workspace, you "connect" to them via the Affic platform. This means that you can now access this workspace's real-time availability and inventory and make instant bookings for their meeting rooms and desks.

Can I retrieve real-time availability from existing workspace partners?

Yes! Your current workspace partners can create an account on Affic, set-up their environment, and map their real-time inventory to their listing on your platform.

Can I retrieve other data points, besides real-time availability?

Soon you can! Rates, content (photos, amenities, descriptions, opening hours) and more will be available soon.