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Affic is the engine that drives your online distribution and helps you maximise the online visibility of your workspaces.

Maximize awareness for your workspaces
Promote your office spaces, meeting rooms, and desks across many platforms
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Real-time availability, instant bookings

Forget about responding to booking requests, checking availability, and manually copy/pasting bookings into your PMS. When you distribute your workspaces via Affic, your availability is always up to date, on every platform.

Real-time availability on every platform
Bookings directly into your PMS
Avoid double bookings

Centrally manage rates and content

Centrally manage, optimize, and update workspace pricing, images, amenities, and more. Publish in Affic, and directly update your listings on all your platforms.

Rates and content consistent across platforms
Update all your listings in seconds
Significantly less admin to deal with
content and rates
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Promote your workspaces on new platforms with ease

Platforms can discover your workspaces and digitally request a partnership with you. When you accept their request, you can start promoting your workspaces on a new platform within hours, not weeks.

Easily connect to new platforms
Digitally respond to requests from new platforms
Go live on new platforms in hours, not weeks

How it works


Connect your PMS

Connect your property management system with the click of a button and your workspace data flows into Affic.


Partner with platforms

Connect with a new generation of booking platforms, marketplaces and brokers.


Grow your bookings

Sell your desks, meeting rooms, and office spaces seamlessly with multiple platforms without any of the headaches.

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Distribute your workspaces via Affic to save valuable time and seamlessly reach new customers.


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Supercharge your distribution across many platforms.

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When you use a custom system, you need a custom approach.

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What is a platform?

Booking platforms are businesses that offer their users the ability to book, pay for, and access third-party workspaces. Via Affic, you can easily distribute, promote, and sell your workspaces via multiple platforms to increase your sales.

What does "connecting" mean?

Via Affic, you can "connect" to a platform. This means, you've agreed with the platform on a partnership and that you're sharing your real-time workspace inventory with the platforms.

Can I use Affic for free?

Yes! You can sign up for the Free plan. You can connect to one platform as part of this plan. When you want to connect to more than one platform, you'll move to the Start plan.

I  have an active listing on a platform. Why do I need Affic?

You use Affic to connect the real-time availability of your workspaces (like meeting rooms or desks) to the same workspace that you've already listed on the platform. Now, users of the platform can view the real-time availability of your workspaces and make instant bookings. This results in less operational admin for you and more bookings of your workspaces.

Which data is shared with a platform?

When you connect to a platform, you are sharing the real-time availability of your publicly bookable workspaces, like meeting rooms, offices, and desks. Soon, we'll offer the ability to share things like your property and workspace photos, rates, amenities, opening hours, and more.

Which property management systems do you support?

We currently support integrations with OfficeRnD, Bisner, and Booker25. We're constantly adding integrations with new property management systems. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.

We've build our own reservation/property management system. Can I use Affic?

Yes! Get in touch with our team to see how we can get you started.